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Solent Smash Bournemouth Skipper Expo

Posted on October 14, 2014 at 5:20 AM

Thanks to all that came to see us at Skipper expo.

We had a fantastic show with a great volume of sales, 7 new hauler orders, 5 slave haulers and numerous other sales from potting blocks,powerpacks and various hydraulic componants.

Lovely to stand above and look over the arena viewing all the vessels with so much Solent gear aboard them, from Stainless tube work, haulers gunwhale rollers etc. Vessels featuring our gear were the 10m Cougar Catamaran from Audacious Marine, 6.2m twin seas catamaran from Maver Boats and the high speed aluminium netter from Robust Boats.

Solent are also happy to leave the show with new trading partnerships formed with both G Smyth Boats and Cygnus Boats.

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