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Mandrel Tube Bending

Solent Engineering are proud to have a dedicated unit housing banks of tube manipulation tooling from tight mandrel bendng to free form roll bending.

We run Bend Tech Software to develop tube bend information derived from 2D and 3D data or by manual input from client templates.

Please see below our ever expanding tooling chart to view our standard bend tooling and centreline radius.

Bend Tooling

7/8" on 66mm CLR

1" on 63.5mm CLR

1" on 88.9mm CLR

1.25" on 79.3mm CLR

1.25" on 111mm CLR

1.5" on 76mm CLR

1.5" on 114.3mm CLR

1.75" on 88.9mm CLR

2" on 152mm CLR

47mm x 25mm Oval Tube on 100mm CLR (easy way)

47mm x 25mm Oval Tube on 140mm CLR (hard way)

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