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Specialists in Marine Fabrication for Commercial and leisure Industry

Inhouse 3D Solidmodelling CAD

 We use 3D CAD software to design, develop and prototype our products.

With the use of inbuilt FEA (finite element analysis). We can test and evaluate our products for DFM issues and structual abilities.  










Inhouse Mechanical Polishing

 We can polish stainless steel inhouse on our bank of polishing spindles to a super marine mirror polish finish.

Also we can offer welds to be dressed also known as superyacht finish for cleanliness and contour less finish. 


Sub Contract Cnc Profiling

Solent Engineering can offer first class high definition plasma profiling in all metallic materials, ferrous and non ferrous, from customer supplied drawings, templates, concept images and native .DXF and .DWG Cad files. We can also extract cut profiles from any 3d formats. We offer true technical support on data translation from years of experience in the Industry. Our surface finish on thick stainless steel is fantastic and far exceeds that of Laser cutting machines as well as other cutting processes of similar size and power. We have a 3000mm x 1500mm bed and a 25mm cut capacity.

Large Scale Fabrication and Transport

Solent Engineering can easily handle large scale fabrications and have the ability to deliver by road via flatbed or HIAB Transport.


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