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 Esprit Lightning High Definition Plasma Profiler 3000mm x 1500mm bed 25,000mm per minute cut speed! Powered by Hypertherm 3070 HD plasma with HPR upgrade, powered by 'Procut Profesional' definition and nesting software.

Veenstra Hydrobend Mandrel tube bender

Hilmor MD2b Mandrel tube bender 

Horizontal Section Rollers 50x50x5 Box capacity

Vertical Section Rollers 50x50x5 Box capacity

Abrasive Tube Notcher 3 inch Diameter Capacity

 2 metre x 1 Metre Plasma profiler 40mm capacity!!

2 metre x 1 metre BOC Minigraph Flame profiler Steel Capacity 3/16" to 12"!!

Eland Mig Welder with seperate wire feeder for flexibilty

400amp watercooled Mig welder 

Arctec 3 Phase Mig designated Aluminium Welder

3 Watercooled Digital Pulse IGBT Inverter AC/DC Tig Welders

Kemppi Digital Synergic Pulse Mig 500amp

L-Tec 250amp AC/DC Tig Welder

Esab DTB375 square wave Tig Welder 

120amp Plasma Cutter

Oxy Acetylene Welding and Cutting and Brazing

Oxford oil cooled arc welder

Super Brown Chop saw

Horizontal 12" bandsaw  

Edwards 4 foot sheet rolling

Mitchell of Keighley Centre Lathe 6foot bed with a massive 36inch diameter swing and 3.5 inch through headstock.

Vetical R8 Milling Machine.

Alfred Herbert Vertical milling machine

14cfm 150psi Compressor

30cfm 150psi Compressor

RJH Polishing spindle

RJH backstand Linisher

Canning Backstand Linisher

Canning 3hp Polishing Spindles

Grief Twin arm Backstand Linisher

Electro Hydraulic Tube Bender upto 4" Capacity!

Morgan Guillotine 6foot x 6mm Capacity

Promecam 33 ton 2 metre press brake folder

Electro hydraulic hose swaging unit

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